Cyclist sets 263kph record

Francois Gossy on his was to a new record – Screengrab: Liveleak

French biker uses hydrogen peroxide rocket to blast him past speeding car and into record books

FRANCE has set a new world speed record – with Alsace rider François Gissy’s bicycle doing 263kph on an old runway.

François designed the bike himself with help from Swiss company Exotic Thermo Engineering and engineer Arnold Neracher to fit a rocket which pushed him to the new record.

The rocket used hydrogen peroxide to drive it and ETE said it was an “ecological motor”.

The previous record was 242.6kph.

The record was set at the former Munchhouse aerodrome in Haut-Rhin and the speed was recorded using at GPS unit fitted to the bike.

See the record being set on Liveleak website and watch François blast past a speeding car.

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