France football bans vuvuzelas

Football authority says instrument could be used as a projectile

Noisy horn that found fame at this summer's World Cup in South Africa will not be allowed at any Ligue 1 matches.

FOOTBALL fans in France are to be banned from bringing vuvuzela horns to top-league matches from this season.

French football body the Ligue de Football Professionnel has banned the noisy instruments from all Ligue 1 fixtures - the equivalent of the English Premier League.

The LFP said the ban was above all a safety precaution, as it was concerned that the instruments could be used as projectiles.

However it is also worried about the health risk posed by the instruments. A vuvuzela can produce almost 130db of noise, about the same as standing next to a jet plane taking off.

The vuvuzela found fame during this summer's World Cup in South Africa, where every match was accompanied by the loud bee-like drone.

France captain Patrice Evra blamed the noise for his side's 0-0 draw against Uruguay in the opening match of the tournament.

The LFP is not the first sporting authority to ban vuvuzelas from sporting events. The Turkish football authority and the International Basketball Federation have already taken action against the instrument.

The ban means Paris Saint-Germain will have to stop giving out free vuvuzelas to supporters.

The giveaway at last weekend's season-opener against Saint-Etienne was prompted by a low turnout at the Parc des Princes after a number of regular supporters boycotted the match in protest at new security measures.

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