10 hurt in ferry fire at Dover

The Dieppe Seaways as it approaches Dover

DFDS suspends some cross-channel ferry services from Calais following a fire aboard a ship at Dover

THREE firefighters and seven crew members were injured when a fire broke out in the engine room of a DFDS cross-channel ferry at Dover yesterday.

The 316 passengers aboard the Dieppe Seaways were safely evacuated, port authorities said.

Forty-five firefighters in nine engines were called to tackle the fire, which was caused by an overheated boiler. They left the scene at 2am today.

DFDS suspended some cross-channel sailings following the fire but said it expected normal services to resume from Dover today at 4.45pm.

On Sunday, an explosion occurred on a DFDS ship travelling between Copenhagen and Oslo. The blast in the engine room of the Crown Seaways could be felt throughout the ship, according to The Copenhagen Post.

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