45% will not go on holiday this year

Lack of money and need to save instead of spend were key reasons

Almost half of French people will stay at home this summer to save money, catch up with friends and get odd jobs done

ALMOST half of French people will not be going on holiday this summer, a new poll has revealed.

The France Info and 20 Minutes survey found a lack of money and the need to save instead of spend were the main reasons why 45% of people will stay at home this year.

Some 17% of people who would normally take a summer holiday have decided not to do so, and another 28% who did not go away last year will do the same this summer.

Of those staying at home, the majority said personal reasons preventing them going on holiday. Some 45% said they could not afford it and 40% said they preferred to save

their money for other things.

They mostly said they would spend the summer visiting friends, resting and doing jobs around the home including DIY and gardening.

The poll results, published today, are based on responses from 1,000 adults around France.

Half of respondents said they were in favour of keeping the long school summer holidays, which started last Friday and run until September 5.

A third wanted the summer break shortened and the rest said they were not sure.

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