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86-year-old stuck in bath for 6 days

Concerned La Poste worker alerted town’s mayor after noticing letters piling up in pensioner's post box

26 December 2014

A POSTAL worker came to the rescue of an elderly woman, who had been stuck in her bath for six days.

The 86-year-old, known only as Huguette, had been unable to move or reach the emergency caller she had left at the side of the washbasin, after she slipped and fell in the bathtub of the home where she lives alone in the French town of Saint-Antoine-de Breuilh, Perigord.

She was rescued after the local postal delivery worker - who was new to the round - became concerned when she noticed the post piling up and alerted the town’s mayor.

The mayor picked up keys to the pensioner’s house from a neighbour and entered the house.

Despite her plight, the woman was in reasonable health, having drunk water from the tap in the bathtub to survive, while the central heating system kept her warm. She asked fire crews only for a glass of sweet milk and even joked about making sure she kept her “panic button” closer to hand in future.

She was taken to hospital in Sainte-Foy for observation.

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Photo: Joel Bez

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