Alien hilltop shut for apocalypse

Fears for public safety lead prefect to close Pic de Bugarach on December 21.

19 November 2012

A FRENCH mountain top thought to house alien spacecraft will be closed to the public on December 21, a date believed by some to be the end of the world.

The Pic de Bugarach, in the Aude, is apparently one of the safe spots to ride out the end of world, as apparently predicted by the end of the Mayan calendar.

The strange shape of the mountain, in the Corbières range, has made it an attention spot for legends, including a belief that it houses aliens living in UFOs, who will be saving those nearby come the end of the world.

Aude prefect Éric Freysselinard has ordered that the 1,230m peak be shut to climbers from December 18 to at least December 22 (should that day arrive).

The mayor of Bugarach, Jean-Pierre Delord, who has campaigned for help with the problem for several years, said the ban would also prevent “all these idiots turning up in sandals walking up a snowy mountain, that we then have to rescue”.

The town authorities have already closed sections of the hillside because climbers were taking stones to sell online, labelled as having special powers.

Stories about the mountain have circulated on the internet, becoming increasingly bizarre, and the authorities have taken steps to avoid any cult-like incidents such as mass suicides.
Photo: Arno LaGrange/Wikipedia

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