Back-to-school payment revealed

Annual allocation de rentrée scolaire will be paid on August 19

2 August 2014

THE ALLOCATION de rentrée scolaire – a sum of money to help get children ready to go back to school – will be paid out this year from August 19.

This money, from the caisse d’allocations familiales (Caf), amounts to €363.63 for a child aged six to 10, €382.64 for a child aged 11-14 and €395.90 for young people aged 15-18.

It is payable to any families with children in school, per child, if their income for two years before (2012) is below a certain level. The income in question is a figure called the revenu net catégoriel, which can be worked out by the Caf (it includes most of your worldwide income minus certain allowable deductions).

It can also be paid to families with children who are apprentices and are aged under 18 (as long as the young person does not earn above certain levels). In this case families need to provide a document showing the person has this status for the year 2014/15.

The income levels are: for one child €24,137; for two €29,707; for three €35,277 and after that €5,570 per further child.

If your income is just slightly above the levels, you may qualify for a reduced amount of benefit.

If you have had a payment in a previous year then there is nothing to do – you should receive it again automatically for children aged under 16, as long as you made an income declaration this year. For children aged 16-18 you need to tell your Caf that they are still in school.

If you have not had it before, then you need to make a declaration to your Caf (or MSA if you work in farming) so as to benefit. Contact yours for more details.

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