Body freed from Mont Blanc glacier

Mont Blanc glacier gives up body of young mountain climber after 32 years

Aspiring mountain guide believed to have fallen into a crevasse while attempting a solo climb in 1982

THE BODY of a young climber has been recovered on Mont Blanc, 32 years after he disappeared.

Patrice Hyvert was 23 when he disappeared on the French face of Europe's tallest mountain in 1982. His body was found by hikers on the Talefre glacier on Thursday.

The young climber, who wanted to be a mountain guide was caught out by bad weather and heavy snows as he attempted a solo ascent of the 4,122m Aiguille Verte peak.

Another climber, Jean-Marc Boivin, was also caught out by the deteriorating conditions and rescued two days later, but despite several attempts by to find Mr Huyvert, he was never seen again.

It is believed he fell into a crevasse. The glacier finally gave up his body last week.

Two experienced French mountaineers from Ain, southeast France, are missing on the French side of Mont Blanc. They issued a call for help on Sunday.

Photo: Richard Allaway

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