‘Broke’ mother wins €26m lottery

Win turns round mother's life

Woman who was getting help from Croix-Rouge says her first luxury buy will be a full tank of petrol

ONE WEEK a French mother was struggling to make ends meet and getting regular help from the Croix-Rouge, the next she won €26million on Euro Millions.

She told Le Parisien of the amazing turnaround but said she wanted to try to live normally and would not be telling her children of her win to maintain their “values and education”.

The unidentified woman in her 40s from the north of France won last Saturday but finding out that her financial troubles were over did not ease her mind – she was terrified of losing the winning ticket and did not get a wink of sleep all weekend.

She picked up her cheque for €26, 258,943 in the middle of the week at a special dinner in Paris but said she would not be following Gérard Depardieu and others into tax exile. Instead she would stay and do something to repay the Croix-Rouge for the help she had been given.

Hoping to keep her family’s life “normal” she said her first luxury would be a full tank of petrol for her car and a full shopping trolley – but she planned to buy a bigger house, a new French family car and invest some for her children.

She admitted that she had never been in a plane or a boat – but said she now planned to do some travelling.

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