Cameron may copy wealth declaration

Hollande’s government reveals all – with eight millionaires, a boat, three bicycles and a VW camper van

15 April 2013

BRITISH prime minister David Cameron may follow President Hollande’s example and tell his government to publish details of their personal wealth.

He told journalists in the UK he would be “content” to publish his own details and was “relaxed” about telling his ministers to follow suit – although he had back-tracked on such a plan when it was first suggested a year ago.

Last night the French government revealed details of ministers’ wealth in the aftermath of the Cahuzac scandal where the former budget minister admitted covering up a €600,000 account in Switzerland.

The documents gave information including the fact that the 38-member government has eight millionaires – with Foreign Minister and former Mitterrand prime minister Laurent Fabius declaring €6.07million, including a €2.75m Paris flat; followed by the Minister for the Elderly, Michèle Delaunay, on €5.4m, with four properties worth €3m, and Employment Minister Michel Sapin on €2.15m, including five properties valued at €2.07m and a €4,000 fishing boat.

Delaunay admitted: “It’s a great deal of wealth and difficult to explain to the majority of French people who are struggling.” However, she told Sud Ouest she had never “lived like the rich” and it came in part from her husband’s earnings and an inheritance.

Prime Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault said he had €1.55m, with a €650,000 house in Nantes and a €540,000 holiday home in Morbihan. He also itemised a €1,000 1988 Volkswagen camper van.

Justice Minister Christiane Taubira declared wealth of €440,000, including three bicycles worth €900 in total.

Elsewhere, Interior Minister Manuel Valls has a €284,000 flat in Evry – for which he is paying off a €306,000 mortgage – and had just €108 in his current account.
Photo: DR/Collection Brigitte Ayrault

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