Carrefour launches new GM labelling

The new logo will be expanded to milk products shortly

The supermarket will be putting labels on meat and fish to show animals were not given genetically modified feed

CARREFOUR has launched a new label “fed without GMOs” (genetically modified organisms), which will be displayed on 300 different animal-based products.

The food will have round, green labels on it stating “Nourri sans OGM”. This is the first time a supermarket chain will have used such labelling, as opposed to labelling foods themselves as not containing GMOs.

The first lines will include pork, poultry, eggs and farmed fish, to be followed by milk products.

Soya, often used in animal feeds, is one of the crops that is most often genetically modified.

The labelling will only be for Carrefour’s own-brand products. A spokesman said: “When it comes to fish, only a farmed one can contain any GMOs, so we’re not going to be labelling fish from the sea. It’s the same for organic products: they are already certified GM-free.”

Photo: Carrefour

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