Cars slow down for fake speed camera

Number of collisions in Hérault town of Lodève drop after resident sets up dummy radar on main road

10 April 2014

A LOCAL worried about the high number of car accidents near his home has set up a fake speed camera and cut-out of a gendarme to slow drivers down – and says it works.

Pierre Guiraud has set up a decoy speed camera near his property in the ancient Hérault town of Lodève.

He decided to act after witnessing 22 minor accidents near his home in one afternoon.

He told broadcaster TF1: “I take my life in my hands every time I leave my house.”

He said that he first contacted the authorities, but claimed that he had no choice but to act for himself when they were unable to do anything.

And his fake speed camera, which sits above a cutout image of a police officer appears to be working. Motorists entering the town by the main road now tend to slow down.

Mr Guiraud could be fined for setting up the fake camera, but joked that he may be tempted to pay any penalty with fake money.

Photo: TF1 / screengrab

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