Changes in UK tax allowance

British residents in France have until October 3 to give views on plans to end some expats' personal tax allowance

9 September 2014

THE UK government is looking into the effects of removing the right of certain groups of expats to benefit from the UK personal income tax allowance of £10,000 (£10,500 from next April).

Although it was not widely publicised, the government said the plans were announced at the time of the Budget. Despite the UK/France tax treaty, it looks like many people with UK income could end up paying more due to this plan.

A consultation document - Restricting non-residents’ entitlement to the UK personal allowance – is available on the website outlining the UK government proposals and inviting responses. The document asks for views on retaining the full allowance for certain kinds of UK income, notably rental income.

If you have income that is taxed in the UK and could be affected, you should check the consultation document at and send comments to

The consultation is only open until October 3 and expats wishing to have their say must respond by then.

If want some explanation on the plans, The Connexion did a full article in September’s issue, which is available in shops or can be bought online as a pdf for €3.50 on the back issues page

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