Cut-price village attracts investors

The village was a victim of rural exodus

As many as 200 people are said to be interested in buying a hamlet which has been offered for €330,000

A VILLAGE which failed to find a buyer at a price of €300,000 is to be auctioned again on May 21.

Since the news broke about the hamlet of Courbefy – with 19 buildings, a swimming pool, stables and a tennis court - the mairie of the Haute Vienne commune in which it is situated has been besieged with phone calls and visits from people interested.

The Connexion website received thousands of hits for the story – which was shared round the world and featured in The Huffington Post.

Local mayor Bernhard Guilhem, of Bussière-Galant, told Europe 1: “There’s supposed to be about 150-200 people who are very interested. It went from nothing and has gone round the world. CNN called me and said ‘we want to talk to the world’s most famous mayor’.”

Abandoned due to rural exodus, an attempt was made to run Courbefy as a hotel and restaurant complex, but the Crédit Agricole bank put it on sale in bankruptcy proceedings.

After it did not sell, it would have become the bank’s if no one had come forward in 10 days to offer at least 10% more than the reserve price (ie. €330,000). It will now be auctioned in Limoges.

Among those interested are said to be Hong Kong-based investors and a Dutch TV station that wants to use it for a reality show.

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