Dad cancels party invites for 50,000

Facebook party invites cause trouble

Teenager asked friends over for his birthday but thousands were invited after it was put on Facebook

A BOY who planned to have a birthday party for a group of about two dozen friends has found himself at the centre of a Facebook battle - after nearly 50,000 people were invited.

When the father of the Puy-de-Dôme 14-year-old cancelled the May 11 party some of the " invited guests" threatened to turn up anyway to "break everything".

The father has lodged a complaint with police over "identity theft" after the boy's details were attached to Facebook invites sent out across the web.

His son, Benjamin, had phoned some friends on Sunday night to invite them on May 11 but one thought it would be quicker to set up a secret party "event" on Facebook to help spread the details to other friends.

But within hours of her doing so the number of invitees - each person invited could invite 60 others - had jumped to 48,000.

That was despite the boy's father having spent a large part of his time on Facebook deleting thousands of invites.

Facebook was told by the Sûreté Départementale in Puy-de-Dôme to wipe the event from its site and it has now been deleted.

The father said there would be no party.

The mayor's office in their home town of Chamalières has also decided to keep an eye on the situation; in case unwanted guests turn up.

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