Diesel falls to less than €1/litre

Plummeting oil prices give drivers a festive fuelling gift - but carbon tax will add five cents to a litre from January

22 December 2014

THE COST of diesel at the pumps has fallen to less than €1 a litre in some parts of France.

In 10 days, the cost of diesel at the pump has fallen an average of 10 cents to levels not seen since August 2009. In some stations, such as those at Chatellerault, near Poitiers, it has fallen below the symbolic level, meaning that some motorists are saving as much as €6 every time they fill up.

Price comparison website Carbeo.com, the first to monitor the price of fuel at stations across France, said that motorists will continue to benefit over the Christmas holidays, with the cost of a litre of unleaded petrol at its lowest since October 2010.

The Christmas motoring gift comes courtesy of the collapse of price of oil on world markets. In one month, the cost fell 28%, from $76.09 to $54.11 a barrel. But motorists are reminded that new taxes are due to come into force on January 1, when nearly €0.05 will be added to the cost of a litre of diesel.

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