Drive-in police station to open

Residents of one town in the Alpes Maritimes will be able to talk to a police officer from the comfort of their car

21 February 2014

Residents in a French town are set to benefit from France’s first ‘drive-through’ police station.

The service, following in the wake of fast food outlets and supermarkets, will allow people living in Le Cannet, near Cannes in the Alpes-Maritimes, to talk to a police officer and deal with various administrative matters from the comfort of their cars, as long as engines are turned off.

The booth, complete with a three-metre-wide window, was originally designed for disabled people, but the Deputy Director General in charge of security and crime prevention realised it would work just as well for able-bodied residents.

The booth will also operate at night, thanks to an intercom service.

It is thought the implementation of the service will speed up administration and information gathering.

The service is expected to be in place by the time renovation work on the municipal police station, where 80 officers are based, has finished.

Photo: fr.zil

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