Driver faces 61 speeding charges

Driver was flashed 94 times in 10 months

Fruit and veg boss accused of dangerous driving after hitting 251kph in 70kph autoroute tunnel

A DRIVER caught speeding 94 times in 10 months is to appear in court in Versailles today, accused of dangerous driving on nine occasions when he drove at over 180kph in 70kph zones.

The man, the boss of a fruit and veg company in Rouen, denies he was at the wheel of the car, a BMW X6 which is registered in Luxembourg in the name of his company.

He already has previous convictions for speeding and risks a year in jail for the offences: in one of which he hit 251kph in a tunnel on the A86 autoroute round Paris.

The tunnel is restricted to 70kph because it is just two-lane and has a very low roof and prosecutors accused him of "driving without regard to the safety of others".

Although he denies being the driver, prosecutors say the offences were committed between March 2011 and January this year on Friday and Sunday evenings when the man habitually drives from Rouen to Essonne to pick up his son.

They added that his mobile phone was also registered all along the route of the journeys.

He is being tried at Versailles on 61 of the 94 offences, those committed in Yvelines, and faces nine charges of speeding at more than 180kph, 38 for speeding at more than 50kph over the limit and 14 for "normal" speeding.

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