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Eiffel Tower gets new energy deal

Switching supplier in France is not just restricted to individuals - the Paris landmark has just done the same

27 December 2014

CHANGING energy supplier for a better deal in France is not just restricted to people - the Eiffel Tower has just done the same.

Management at the Paris monument have signed a new two-year contract with Gaz-Electricité de Grenoble (GEG), replacing current electricity provider Eon.

The deal covers the supply of seven gigawatts of power - enough for 1,000 homes - and will cost about €500,000 a year.

GEG already supplies the lighting and other electrical needs for another city landmark - the Opéra Garnier.

All of the energy provided to the Eiffel Tower will come from renewable sources. Two small wind turbines are being built on the second floor of the tower next year, to back up the four solar panels on the first floor.

During renovation works in 2007, a large number of the lightbulbs on the monument were replaced with energy-saving LEDs.

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