Expats in France ‘most content’

Expats happiest in France - Photo: Monkey Business - Fotolia.com

Survey says British expatriates upbeat about living standards and quality of life in France

A LEADING banker has said that Britain seems to be “losing its allure for many people” after a survey showed expats in France were the most upbeat about their new living standards.

The Lloyds TSB International global survey said 79% of expats do not plan to return to Britain, compared to 60% two years ago.

After questioning 1,168 expats in popular expat destinations, the survey said people were opting to enjoy a better lifestyle than they had in the UK. Those in France were the most content with the quality of life compared with their experiences in the UK.

Bank director Richard Musty said expats were “increasingly turning temporary overseas work into a permanent move”.

Many of those questioned cited UK economic malaise is a growing reason for why they moved abroad.

More than three-quarters of respondents – 79% - said they did not intend to return to the UK at all. Expats in Australia were the happiest with their new lives, with nine in 10 planning to live there indefinitely.

Mr Musty added: “Availability of jobs and the cost of living certainly plays a role, but as our research shows, lifestyle factors can also be decisive in where people chose to live.”
Photo: Monkey Business - Fotolia.com

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