Flu campaign gets under way

Most people apart from babies can have a jab

The flu is ‘not nothing’ says the government - it killed 400 last year – and vaccination is inexpensive, or free

THE NATIONAL flu jab campaign is under way, urging vulnerable groups – and anyone who doesn’t fancy being ill – to get vaccinated.

This year’s slogan is “flu’s not nothing, so I’m getting vaccinated” – it is estimated that it killed 400 people last year.

Flu vaccines can be picked up in pharmacies for under €10 and can be given by your GP or a nurse, with reimbursements at the usual rate. If you wish, you can also ask your GP to prescribe the vaccine, in which case it can be reimbused at 65%.

As usual, the most vulnerable groups, including over-65s, people with certain long-term illnesses, obese people and pregnant women, will be sent free vouchers for the vaccine and their injections can be reimbursed at 100% of the usual state (sector 1) rate.

It is highly recommended also for people who live with a baby, as young children cannot be vaccinated themselves.

Once vaccinated it takes about 15 days for the vaccine to take effect, so it is advisable not to wait for large numbers to fall ill with the flu.

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