Go-ahead for pro Palestinian march

Authorities in Paris give green light to demonstration, despite violence at two banned marches last weekend

21 July 2014

AUTHORITIES in Paris have given the go-ahead to a Pro-Palestinian march in the city tomorrow.

The march, from Denfert-Rochereau to Invalides tomorrow evening at 6.30pm, has been authorised despite violence at the weekend, when pro-Palestinian protesters defied two bans on demonstrations against the deadly Israeli attacks on Gaza.

Organisers of tomorrow’s march are calling for “a just and lasting peace between Palestinians and Israelis”.

As reported, illegal marches in Barbès and Sarcelles descended into violence last weekend, with protesters setting fire to cars, looting shops and throwing stones and other objects.

The two demonstrations had been banned following violent incidents at earlier pro-Palestinian marches in the city.

Interior minister Bernard Cazaneuve, however, has insisted that there is no “general prohibition” of such marches.

It is unusual for authorities to refuse permission for marches to go ahead. In 2013, only 30 out of more than 4,400 demonstrations were banned.

Marches are also planned in Dijon this evening, and Lyon, Toulouse, Lille and Riems tomorrow.

Meanwhile, the New Anti-Capitalist Party (NPA), which was one of the groups behind last weekend’s banned march in Barbès is involved in another planned protest on Saturday afternoon at Place de la République. Authorities have not yet decided whether to allow it to go ahead.

Photo: Jean-François Gornet

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