Heatwave alert in Lyon and Rhône

Elderly and fragile advised to stay indoors between 11.00 and 21.00

Météo France calls for vigilance as temperatures reach 35°C this afternoon and fall no lower than 22°C at night

THE RHÔNE department has been officially placed on heatwave alert from midday today.

Météo France has issued an "orange" warning for the area around Lyon until tomorrow morning at the earliest.

Temperatures of up to 35°C are expected and night-time temperatures are not forecast to fall below 22°C. Elderly and fragile people are advised to avoid going out between 11.00 and 21.00.

The rest of France is not officially on heatwave alert, but departmental councils have begun taking extra precautions to prepare emergency services and ensure access to air-conditioned buildings that the public can use to escape the heat.

The east of the country will be the hottest over the weekend, with temperatures in the mid-30s.
Speed limits are in place on roads in the Bouches-du-Rhône between 6.00 and 21.00 due to high levels of pollution.

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