Le Pen fails to win back licence

Front National leader may have to pay for driving course to get back on the road

Front National leader may have to pay for driving course to get back on the road

MARINE Le Pen may have to take a driving course to regain her licence after failing to persuade a judge that she should never have lost it.

The Front National leader was stripped of her licence in 2012 over a series of driving offences, however this was only revealed at the start of this month by the newspaper Le Canard Enchaîné.

She has been fighting a legal battle to persuade authorities that the eight offences, and resulting 12 points, were committed by her chauffeur and that she should retain her licence.

“In reality, these offences were not committed by me. While using a chauffeur to drive my own car I suffered the loss of these points because I didn’t want to get the driver in trouble,” she said earlier this month.

A judge at the tribunal administratif in Lille rejected her arguments and insisted the removal of the licence should stand.

The decision leaves Le Pen with few options other than taking a paid-for driving course to regain four points.

Her lawyer,Jean-Baptiste Iosca, said she would decide by the end of the month.

o It has not been a great month for Le Pen. Earlier this month her father’s Doberman killed one of her pet Bengal cats, prompting her to move out of the chateau she was sharing with him.

Photo: wiki/Jérémy Jännick

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