Life is cheaper in France

Connexion readers Anne and Barry Burrell explain how taxes and the cost of living are cheaper in France

We came to France at the ages of 55 and 57, so did not have our state pensions until I was almost 62 and my husband was 65.

Meanwhile, we lived on private pensions of less than €1,000 a month. It was not difficult. We lived within our means. We grow fruit and veg, don’t smoke and drink very little. Now we are retired, we need only one car. Life may be one big holiday, but we still have trips around France, the UK and further afield.

Taxes in France are much less than our council tax in the UK and we spend less on shopping (possibly also because there is not an obsession with all the shops being open as much as possible).
If we were still in the UK, heaven forbid, it would be hard to make ends meet. Now, with our state pensions too, we feel positively wealthy.

Anne and Barry BURRELL, Manche

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