Man fined for police driving

Man receives motoring fines for police’s driving - The Connexion

Antiques dealer’s van was confiscated by police, who forgot to notify a change of owner when they started using it

AN ANTIQUES dealer is fighting a series of motoring fines committed by the police after they confiscated his vehicle.

The man, named as Laurent T by Le Parisien received ten fines, five for speeding, despite the fact that his Sprinter Mercedes van had been in the hands of the police since 2011.

The vehicle was one of three confiscated during an investigation into receiving stolen goods.

Fighting the fines, which occurred between September 5 and October 31 has so far cost him €1,500, for a solicitor and a series of recorded delivery letters that went unanswered.

He told Le Parisien that the charges were pushing him close to losing his driving licence.

The man’s solicitor Lucile Griveau, said the situation was totally absurd and that she would be taking the state to court to redress the fines.

However, the police at Versailles have recognised the error in not informing the relevant authorities of a change in ownership and said that the details had now been changed.

Future fines will be addressed to the police, although will not be relevant as they are allowed to break motoring laws in the course of their duties.

Photo Jonas Roux

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