More mobile speed cameras

A new batch of on-board speed cameras is being rolled out to be used on the busy summer roads

5 June 2014

NEW generation mobile speed cameras on board unmarked cars are being rolled out to 22 new departments from this summer.

With the summer holiday period approaching – a time when accidents typically increase - more areas will be equipped with the new on-board cameras hidden behind cars’ front number plates.

That will bring the total to 150, from 99 as part of plans to have 300 of the cars equipped by the end of next year.

New areas will include the Hautes-Pyrénées, Côte d’Or, Ardèche and Alpes-de-Hautes-Provence.

The new system is hard to detect by drivers and can flash cars in three ways – either while the car with the camera is overtaking, while it is being passed in the opposite direction, or while it is stationary.

“With these cameras we can check on drivers when they’re not expecting it,” a road safety official said.

The new cameras require two police officers or gendarmes – one to drive the car and one to operate the camera – are they are additional to the fixed cameras and traditional radar guns.

The government says they are part of a strategy to reduce annual road deaths to below 2,000 by 2020, from 3,268 last year.

Photo: BFMTV screengrab

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