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Mum, will you sit my bac for me?

Woman, 52, arrested after trying to take exam for her 19-year-old daughter

19 June 2013

A MOTHER has been arrested in Paris after trying to sit the English baccalauréat exam for her daughter.

The 52-year-old woman, heavily made-up and dressed in trainers and low-cut jeans, had turned up at the Bossuet-Notre-Dame private school for the exam with her daughter’s identity papers and had started the exam before she was found out.

She had caused no suspicion when she arrived for the exam as the bac is sat by candidates of all ages – including, this year, a 91-year-old in Dijon – but an invigilator spotted a problem when they started checking the identity documents of 19-year-old “Laetitia”.

The girl had sat her philosophy exam in the same room on Monday and the invigilator spotted that she was not the same.

In order that other students would not be disturbed, mother Caroline D was allowed to continue writing the essay for two hours as staff continued checks and waited for police to arrive.

Then the invigilator went to her desk and quietly asked her to step outside where police were waiting to take her to the 10th arrondissement commissariat. She will now face fraud charges but her daughter now risks being banned from all official exams for up to five years.

* In Dijon, 91-year-old Marcel has become the oldest person to sit the bac doing his bac literature alongside his grand-daughter. The oldest participant before was 87-year-old René Buffière, who sat last year.
Photo: Anton Prado

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