National strike over pensions

Low turnout expected at demonstrations - Photo: milphoto -

Four of France’s main unions call for demonstrations, but disruption appears to be low

FRANCE’S four main unions have called for a strike today to mark a National Assembly vote on the pensions reform bill.

The CGT, FSU, FO and Solidaires unions all oppose the reform because it extends the amount of time workers must contribute into the system in order to get a full pension. However, the CFDT union has not called for action, saying it agreed with the project and the method of consultation.

Around 150 demonstrations are expected across the country, but minimal disruption is expected as the turnout at the last protest, in September, was low.

Schools could be hit, but they are obliged to have services put in place to look after children.

Some bus services may be affected but in Paris, Metro and RER services are running normally.

For regional train services check your local TER website but the SNCF’s Infoligne service says that national trains are generally running as normal.

• Some doctors are also on strike today, with casualty staff refusing to make telephone calls to find beds for patients. They are passing the duty on to hospital managements so they can spend more time treating patients.

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