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New exam dates set

The dates for key exams like the Brevet and Bac have been announced

13 February 2014

READERS have contacted Connexion to ask about this year’s dates for key school exams.

These have recently been confirmed to be as follows:

Written tests for the Brevet: June 26 and 27

Written tests for the Bac for those sitting it early (in première): History-Geography for the Bac S, June 23; French for the Bac ES and Bac S and French and Litterature for the Bac L, June 18; Sciences for the Bac ES and Bac L, June 20

Written tests for the Bac: June 16-23

Results will be given from July 4, and the orals for those with borderline marks will be until July 9.

The general education tests for the CAP and BEP will be on June 11 and 12.

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