New greener trains on Paris metro

1970s trains to be replaced gradually from today until 2012 in a billion euro refit.

10 June 2008

The first metro trains of a billion euro refit started running today.

They are running on Line 2 (Nation / Porte Dauphine) and will be introduced gradually to the Metro system.

The new carriages will replace the current ones which date back to the early 1970s.

They have more modern furnishings and use 30% less energy.

Line 5 (Place d’Italie / Bobigny) will have the new carriages in 2010 and Line 9 (Pont de Sèvres / Marie de Montreuil) from 2012.

They are similar to the modern trains already running on lines 1 and 14.

They are more powerful than the existing trains, but will have their speed limited to 70kmh (the current ones can reach 100kmh) as an energy saving measure.

The carriages are also quieter and are air conditioned for the comfort of passengers.

The project cost Paris public transport authorities almost one billion euros last year.

It will be paid for by a 3% rise in the cost of season tickets, which comes into force at the beginning of July.

A single Metro ticket will go up from €1.50 to €1.60.

Photo: AFP

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