Older people in France 'are happy'

Most over-70s in France are happy - and more than half don’t worry about being lonely, a survey has found

13 May 2014

OLDER people in France are happy with their lives, a survey has found.

The poll found that 88% of French people over the age of 70 whose household income is more than €1,000 per month are “happy”, while - contrary to popular belief - nearly 90% feel “well surrounded”.

The happiness figure drops to 78% among those whose household income is less than €1,000 per month.

The biggest surprise, however, came from those who said that they don’t regard loneliness as a problem. Just over half (51%) said they “enjoy the solitude,” because being alone means they are “not subject to the demands of others”.

Meanwhile, 93% of people over 70 say they feel well integrated into society.

Piquet-François Marty, president of ViaVoice analysis, which carried out the study, said: “Older people aspire to be autonomous and free. This is a time where we can be more independent than when you have a job and children.”

Photo: Alain Rouiller

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