Oprah boosts Made in France

Shares in Tefal company soar after TV star praises chip fryer to her 16 million Twitter followers

20 February 2013

SHARES in French electrical manufacturer Seb have soared after one of their chip-fryers – the T-Fal Actifry – was boosted by US TV superstar Oprah Winfrey.

Oprah posted a picture on Twitter of her with the Made in France machine saying: “This machine ..T-Fal actifry has changed my life. And they're not paying me to say it.”

The Actifry works using just on spoonful of oil and she later posted another picture to her 16 million followers of a plate full of chips, saying “This entire plate of crispy fries, 1tblspn oil. Delicious with my veggie burger."

Shares in Seb – which owns the Tefal brand – increased 5.12% in just a couple of hours.

Industrial Renewal Minister Arnaud Montebourg greeted the news on Twitter saying the fat-free fryer was made in France by Seb at Is-sur-Tille (21) in Bourgogne.

Oprah fans later tweeted in response: “SEB c'est bien !!! As we say here in FRANCE !!! Good pick Oprah” – “Its a fryer that uses one tablespoon of oil and that's it! its French! Vive la France!” – “French fries, French power ! France, you rock !”

See Oprah Winfrey with her “life-changing” chip-fryer here on Instagram

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