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Paris creates lorry eco-tax

The city’s mairie wants to reduce pollution with new tolls on lorries which use the périphérique

21 September 2014

THE MAIRIE of Paris is today signing off a scheme for new tolls aimed at lorries that use the périphérique.

All lorries that weigh more than 3.5 tonnes will be taxed, with a view to reducing pollution in the capital. The city measured a record peak in air pollution last week.

From the start of October, lorries travelling around Paris will be registered though the tax will not start until the beginning of January.

It is planned that lorries will be charged on average 13 centimes per kilometre, depending on their weight, design and how polluting they are.

The tolls will earn Paris an estimated five million euros a year. The system is designed to discourage heavy-load lorries on international routes from crossing the greater Paris area.

Four toll gates have already been built and the machines are to be installed shortly.

Other initiatives being voted on by the Paris council this week include plans for reserved routes for taxis and buses – and eventually car-pooling - on the A1 and A 6A motorways between 6.30am and 10am and a scheme to offer grants for taxi drivers buying electric or hybrid vehicles.

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