Postcard arrives - 90 years late

Postcard finally arrives - 90 years after it was posted 20km away

"A snail moves faster" jokes recipient after finding surprise delivery in his daily post

RECEIVING a postcard is always a pleasant surprise - but a 90-year-old postcard gave one pensioner the surprise of his life when he picked up his mail recently.

Among his daily post, local historian Claude Perrot, of Voulgézac, Charente, also received a postcard which was addressed to an aunt - who lived at the same property, but who died 60 years ago, the newspaper Sud Ouest has reported.

Mr Perrot believes the card was sent more than 90 years ago from Angoulême - a mere 20km from Voulgézac - more than 10 years before he was born. It features a picture of the old central station of Angoulême, and was signed by a Ms Lambert, who was a teacher friend of the family, he said, and referred to nearby residents who left the area in 1927.

The delay in delivery has been attributed to an error in the address. The original stamp has long-since disappeared, Mr Perrot said, and was replaced with a modern stamp shortly before it - finally - arrived at its intended destination.

The septuagenarian joked: “A snail would go much faster. Even when I was in Algeria, letters arrived in France the day after they were delivered."

Photo: Screengrab / Charente Libre

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