Readers report taxe foncière rise

All property owners pay taxe foncière

Taxe foncière was not expected to rise steeply for most people this year – but some report shocking hikes

READERS have contacted Connexion telling of surprising hikes in their taxe foncière compared to last year.

Bills for the local property tax have been going out and nationally, they are reported to have risen only by about 0.9% on average – nonetheless, some people report being shocked by their bills.

One reader told us: “The amount had doubled from the previous year, although nothing has changed in the property.”

Taxe foncière is payable by whoever owns a property on January 1 of a given year and is based on a theoretical annual rental value (Valeur Locative Cadastrale - VLC) multiplied by a percentage rate voted by the local council.

While reforms of the VLCs are underway, these were not expected to have any impact this year, and while councils may vote a different rate from one year to the next, any change is usually gradual.

Connexion will be covering this further in the November issue and would be interested to hear if other people have had steep increases and, if so, where they live. Please contact us at news[at]

We also publish a guide to the local property taxes, including taxe foncière at €7.50 (+p&p) for download or mail order. See Helpguides

Tax foncière, if you pay in one payment, is payable by October 15 or by October 20 on the internet.

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