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Record soaking for south-east

The Mediterranean coast had an exceptionally wet November – especially Nice which had 10 times as much rain as Paris did

2 December 2014

THIS YEAR was the wettest November since records began in a swathe of the south-east from Menton to Perpignan, says Météo France.

And in some areas – especially Nice – it was the wettest-ever month, full-stop, the weather service said. It had more than 10 times as much rain as Paris.

The Alpes-Maritimes and Var departments got the most, with around five times more rain than usual for the month, and in the other areas, like the Pyrénées-Orientales, there was three or four times as much as usual.

Météo France said the data showed Nice as exceptionally wet – despite its sunny reputation – with 563mm of rain in the month compared to 104mm in November usually.

That was the wettest month since a weather station was established in the city in 1942, they said. The previous wettest was October 1992, at 419mm.

The worst rain in the south-east was concentrated along the Mediterranean coast, but even the Alpes-de-Haute-Provence got at least twice as much rain as usual.

Other parts of the country were, comparatively, spared; such as Paris with 54mm, or Calais with 63mm, however the Atlantic coast was also fairly wet, such as 135mm in La Rochelle and 182mm in Brest.

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