Sarkozy deathbed picture shock

Sarkozy shown on his 'deathbed'

Euthanasia supporters launch poster bid to open debate during presidential campaign

SHOCK images of presidential candidates on their deathbeds are being used by a euthanasia group to highlight its campaign for a dignified end to life.

The mocked-up photos show Nicolas Sarkozy, the MoDem's François Bayrou and Marine Le Pen of the Front National on hospital beds, attached to life-saving equipment. It asks: "Do we have to put you in this position to change your position on euthanasia?"

Launched by the Association pour le Droit de Mourir dans la Dignité (ADMD), the posters are said to pick on the three candidates who are most opposed to euthanasia.

ADMD official Philippe Lohéac told France Soir that the right to die with dignity was point No21 on the campaign programme of Parti Socialiste candidate François Hollande.

He said they were not supporting Hollande, but the three candidates were "blocking the debate" on euthanasia.

Group president Jean-Luc Roméro, an Ile-de-France regional councillor,said the presidential campaign was the right time to discuss such matters.

Polls have found more than nine people out of 10 (92%) support a law allowing euthanasia for those with incurable illnesses, although 54%

said it should only be allowed if the patient was suffering pain that could not be eased with drugs.

Holland, Belgium, Luxembourg already allow euthanasia and Switzerland allows assisted suicide while France introduced the Loi Leonetti in 2005 which legislated on the rights of terminally-ill patients, but did not allow euthanasia.

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