Screams were from exorcism

Screams were from exorcism

Neighbours feared woman was being murdered after they heard blood-curdling cries

POLICE were flooded with calls after blood-curdling screams woke neighbours in a quiet area of Limoux in the south-west.

People feared a woman was being murdered but when gendarmes went to investigate they discovered the cries were coming from an evangelical church – where an exorcism was being held.

The screams were from a woman from the Indian Ocean island of La Réunion and pastor Régis Berdeilh was trying to free her from demons.

But neighbours throughout the Aude town’s Saint-Antoine neighbourhood had been wakened by the screams and pastor Berdeilh apologised, although he added that they would have understood if they had been believers.

Gendarmes said later that they “did not arrest the demon and the demon did not kill anyone”.
Photo: Àlex

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