See Paris through eyes of a cat...

A cat’s view of Paris

New 3D software shows the way different animals view the streets of the capital – and why rats keep close to walls

SEE Paris through the eyes of a cat – or a rat, or a dog, or a bee, or a falcon... that’s what is planned in the All Eyes project that sees the capital from a completely new angle.

Using computer technology developed by Dassault, the 3DExperience simulator shows the streets of Paris as, for example, cats see them: with no red colours. They have a wide field of vision and are very good at tracking movements across this field.

Or rats, which are short-sighted like moles and can only focus on objects up to 15cm away. That is why they often run along beside walls. They see the city in black and white.

Humans have a specialised binocular vision and the simulator shows the very different way that other species see the world – whether it is a bee’s wide-eye view of the Paris rooftops or a falcon’s very telescoped view which gives an extremely focused vision of its target.

The new way to see Paris is available on the website which has an English language version. Users would need to install special free 3D vision software to take full advantage of the site.

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