Snake-handler dies after snake-bite

Man was bitten by asp - Photo: Felix Reimann

Man was bitten several times during travelling exhibition to ease people’s fear of snakes and reptiles

A MAN has died after being bitten by a snake he was showing as part of a travelling exhibition to reduce people’s fear of snakes.

Snake expert Dieter Zorn, 53, had been handling the asp, a type of viper, during the exhibition in Faugères, Hérault.

He died of a heart attack after being bitten several times by the snake and despite emergency services giving an injection of héparine which is used to counter effects of snake venom.

After being bitten he had time to put the asp back in its vivarium before emergency workers stepped in.

His Reptiles Show travelling exhibition was intended to show people there was no need to be afraid of snakes and he had also shown other animals such as crocodiles, scorpions and a six-metre python.
Photo: Felix Reimann

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