Speed cam Facebook page fans in court

Ten motorists due in court in Rodez in September accused of having a device "capable of detecting radar"

9 June 2014

TEN motorists are due in court in Rodez, Aveyron, in September, because they are active members of a Facebook page that identifies the location of speed cameras in the department.

They have been accused of using “a device capable of detecting radar”.

The Facebook page has 9,000 members, all of whom are able to update it in real time with the location of permanent and mobile speed camera sites using their smartphones, instantly notifying all other members of the page.

One of the 10 defendants, truck driver David Allègre, said he was stunned to receive a summons. He admitted he regularly contributed to the Facebook page, but said he had no idea it would land him in trouble with the law.

He said: “I am being treated like a radar detector.”

His lawyer, Mr Rémy Josseaume, argues that communicating information on the Internet does not fall under the ban on radar detectors.

On Friday, The Connexion reported that 22 more mobile speed cameras are to be deployed across France.

Photo: Ludovic

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