Tax forms sent out

The forms will probably be sent to you if you have declared before

The tax forms are arriving and - if you are keen - you can already declare your income, by paper or online

INCOME tax declaration forms have now started arriving at people’s homes in some parts of France.

If yours has not arrived yet, it is probably in the post by now – however if you need a form quickly, or one is not sent to you, you can always download the forms you need at If you are a resident of France or you live elsewhere but have relevant French income to declare, it is your responsibility to make sure you get the forms.

The main forms expats are likely to need are the main form, called 2042, possibly the complementary form 2042C (eg. for self-employment income or wealth declarations) and probably the 2047 for income received abroad. Note that there are versions of forms with the letter “K” on the end of the number – these may be sent out to people who have declared before, but it is not necessary to have the “K” version if you have not been sent one; just download the ordinary version from the website.

If you have declared in the past you may also declare online at the tax website. People with very simple declarations to make may also complete them on their smartphone, using the app impots.gouv

The deadline for paper forms to be returned to tax offices this year is May 27, at midnight.
Those for online submissions are later and depend on your department. They are spread out during June.

Non-residents with a French declaration to make have until June 17 at midnight (either by paper or online) for people living in Europe, the Mediterranean, North America and Africa, and July 1 for other countries.

More information on filling out your forms is available in Connexion’s annual income tax guide, available for download (priced €9.50) here: Connexion Helpguides Printed versions can also be sent out (P&P extra) by calling Nathalie on 06 40 61 71 97 or (from the UK) 0844 256 9881.

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