Ten reasons to be proud of France

The government has produced 10 reasons to 'Stop au French-Bashing', among them its prowess in literature and wine-making

21 November 2014

FOLLOWING a wave of French-bashing, the government has produced ten figures to give people reason to be proud of the country.

1. Tourism: France is the top tourist destination in the world.

2. Economy: It's the 5th economic power in the world.

3. Youth: France is 3rd in the world for providing places for foreign students.

4. Wine: The country is the world's top wine producer.

5. Environment: Wind power grew 70% in first 6 months of 2014.

6. Talent: France has 58 Nobel prize winners (15 for literature, making it the top country in this category).

7. Culture: Its 1,200 museums receive 62 million visitors a year.

8. Attractiveness: France is 3rd in Europe for receiving foreign business investment.

9. Entrepreneurship: The world's biggest start up incubator will open in Paris in 2016.

10. Innovation: In the past two years, half of the business employing 10 people or more, and one society in six, have launched a new product that was not previously available on the market.

The figures, in an infographic on the government's website, can be shared under the hashtag suggestion of #fiersdelafrance.

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