This ‘crisp’ CV is sure to stand out

Paris-based sales manager sends a unique resume to English snack manufacturer - printed on a crisp packet

21 May 2014

IN TODAY’S tough job market, it’s important to stand out from the crowd.

That’s why Parisian Yves Bonneyrat decided an ordinary CV wasn’t good enough when he applied for a job with Tyrells, the English crisp manufacturer.

He decided, instead, to send his resume to the Leominster-based company printed on a packet of crisps.

“I faithfully followed all Tyrells original design but instead of consumer information, I added my CV and a cover letter,” he told French employment blog

“The idea came after I’d enjoyed Tyrells crisps on a weekend in London. I realised only five or six flavours are available in France, compared to many more in Britain,” he said.

He decided to offer his services as sales manager in France.

But he didn’t just fire off an application. He put a lot of thought and effort into his unique CV. He told blog-emploi that he spent some time researching the company, its products, its brand and their market before putting his CV together.

He said that he even deliberately chose to duplicate the design of Tyrells product that is available in Britain but not in France.

It cost €300, but Mr Bonneyrat has high hopes his speculative application will pay dividends - as he said, it’s a unique CV, not one he is planning to send out several times.

Now, he is waiting for a response to his application from the company.

Image: Yves Bonneyrat

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