Tiger on the loose in Ile-de-France

Residents are being asked to stay indoors as officials hunt for the animal seen in a supermarket car park this morning

13 November 2014

RESIDENTS in several communes in Seine-et-Marne are being warned to stay indoors because a tiger is said to be on the loose.

Police say people in Montévrain, Chessy and Chalifert should beware, after reports of a tiger this morning in Montévrain.

The authorities have dispatched a lieutenant de louveterie (official in charge of keeping harmful wild animals under control), armed with syringes to knock it out, and a helicopter is sweeping the area.

The prefecture has given the order to try to capture the tiger alive unless as a last resort if the situation turns dangerous.

The animal, which was last spotted around 14.00, was first seen at 8.30 in a supermarket car park.

It is not yet known where it came from – no losses are reported from the nearest wildlife park or from a circus which was in town recently.

Photos of an alleged sighting can be seen on the website of Le Parisien.
Photo: Sumeet Moghe (stock image)

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