Toxic dogfood alert for owners

Warning for dog owners

Five companies withdraw supplies after 20 dogs die after eating feed contaminated with chocolate

DOG-owners have been warned to stop feeding their pets some types of dry dog food after the deaths of around 20 animals from chocolate poisoning.

Many of the deaths happened in Aude, where dogfood company PCEB has withdrawn its Active 28/14 feed from sale but other cases have been reported in Isère, Charente and Pyrénées Orientales through other companies.

It is thought that dogfood made by a Spanish supplier had been contaminated with a substance found in chocolate, theobromine.

This can slow the dog’s heart rate and cause seizures, leading to death. Dogs – and cats – should not be given chocolate for this reason.

The Ministry of Agriculture says that four other manufacturers are concerned: Au Truc Sarl (Isère), Animal Service Distribution (Isère), HD Distribution (Charente) and Jean-François Martin (Pyrénées Orientales). They are also taking their products off the market for tests.

Owners who have bought feed from the companies should contact them for information.

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