Traffic alert for Saturday

Jams are expected on the way to ski resorts

Congestion is predicted as people visit the mountains for winter breaks

SATURDAY will be busy on the roads, especially in areas near mountains, warns traffic service Bison Futé.

This is due to the fact that the winter holidays are ending for School Group A and starting for Group B (France divides the country into three parts for purposes of planning holiday dates).

The day is classified as being on orange alert (difficult traffic conditions) for the whole country, with the heaviest traffic going in the direction of the nearest mountains in the morning and returning in the evening.

The picture will be especially bad in the Rhône-Alpes and for access to the Alps in the morning for the departures, with a black alert (extremely difficult conditions). For return traffic in the evening these areas are classed as red (very difficult).

In the South-east, traffic will be dense between Marseille, Aix-en-Provence and Nice and the ski resorts of the southern Alps. People from the Ile-de-France will be heading for the northern Alps, with traffic especially difficult on the A6.

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