Train conductors begin strike

Four day walk out over plans to replace conductors on trains with targeted group ticket checks.

4 December 2014

UNIONS are expecting a strong turnout for a four-day ticket conductors’ strike which begins this evening.

Both the CGT and Sud-Rail unions will be taking part in the strike, which ends on December 7.

The SNCF has said it expects light disruption on its TER services (which need controllers to operate), and that most TGV and Intercité services will not be affected.

A spokesman for Sud-Rail said it expected between 62-70% turnout from its members while the CGT claims over 50% of its conductors will be taking part.

The strikers are protesting against relaxing rules to have conductors on trains and using more targeted large checks to ensure that passengers travel with tickets. They are demanding that more staff be hired.

Two other unions, Unsa and the CFDT, also support these aims, but have not called a strike.

December 5 forecast: TGV services are normal, except in the south east, where three out of four trains will be running. Non-Paris journeys have nine out of 10 trains running. International services (Eurostar and Thalys) are running normally, except the Lyria to Switzerland which had nine out of ten trains running.
Intercité lines are running seven out of 10 trains with reduced services at night.
Only two out of three TER trains are predicted to run.
Transilien services in the Ile-de-France are not affected.

Photo: Flickr/patrick janicek

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