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Union calls strike for Thursday

CGT wants day of action over social security changes that hit families and poor

13 October 2014

FRANCE’S largest union, the CGT, has called for a national strike on October 16 in protest at plans to change the social security system.

CGT general secretary Thierry Lepaon said the action was to defend the workers and the public from cuts to social security payouts.

He said the proposals of the pacte de responsabilité agreed between the government and business, represented a €40billion gift to employers through cuts to the benefits paid to children, families and the sick.

The strike will hit different sectors and regions differently, depending on turnout. While the CGT is France’s largest union, it represents about 25% of the country’s union members.

Services that may be affected included healthcare, transport and education.

The union will be marching in Paris, with health workers and benefits staff in particular taking part. Smaller events are planned for other parts of the country.

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